"The fire curtain has solved the problem of burn marks on the carpets surrounding the fireplace. We should have installed one years ago."
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Mesh Fire Curtains

Usually in satin-black, but brass is available, these curtains are totally spark-proof. They prevent sparks flying from burning timber causing burn marks on carpets and rugs surrounding a fireplace. Sometimes preferred to fire-guards, as they do not need to be taken away and stored.

They fit best when they can be fitted inside the fireplace.This will hide the pelmet. To help us to give you an exact quotation, we need the size of the opening and the type of fitting you require (No. 1,2 or 3) .

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Mesh fire curtain - Inside Fit

1) Inside fit
Lintel bar available in black or brass.
Specify type of fixing required.
Can also be supplied to bolt behind canopies.


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