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Refurbished secondhand Fender Seats & Low Fenders

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Here are a few examples of secondhand fender seats and low fenders that we currently have in stock. All have been refurbished by us in our workshop, and are available at very special prices. All prices are excluding VAT. Delivery £60 ex VAT up to 50 miles from our Offices, £90 ex VAT up to 150 miles, please ask for a quote for over 150 miles.

The availability of refurbished stock changes quite quickly, so please call us for the latest status on any that you may be interested in.

Second-hand Satin Black Club

1) Second-hand Satin Black Club Fender
A secondhand Fender Seat (in very good condition) with a formed base, all round 5/8” uprights, a 38” wide curved dip, and round black collars.
Height overall 21”.
Internal base 83” wide x 19 3/4” deep.
8” seats in oxblood leather decorated with spaced brass studs.

Price £1634 Second-hand price £900 PLUS VAT of 20%

Second-hand Combination Club Fender

2) Second-hand Combination Club Fender
A secondhand fender seat (in good condition) with a 2” high wooden base and in polished Brass all round 5/8” uprights, round collars and a 35” wide curved dip.
Height overall 21”.
Internal base 77 1/2” wide x 19 1/8” deep.
8” wide deep buttoned seats in a green leather decorated with spaced brass studs.

Price £2313 Second-hand price £995 PLUS VAT of 20%

Second-hand Solid Brass

3) Second-hand Solid Brass Club Fender
A brass fender seat, polished and lacquered, with a 2” high formed base, all 3/4” round uprights and round collars
Choice of seat finish.
Height overall 19”.
Internal base 50 1/4” wide x 17 1/4” deep.

New fender price £1835 Second-hand price £900 PLUS VAT of 20%

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